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Advent of internet has revolutionized the way people market their products and services. Thus, strategies have also evolved for internet marketing with passage of time. Nowadays, every online business is striving hard to beat the competition and for this purpose they need to devise innovative marketing ideas and intelligent strategies. Right combination of all strategies and methods to position your website among top ranking websites at renowned search engines is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is most effective way through which your potential customers can find you conveniently. At AY Webtech our SEO specialists ensure success of your website through recent SEO methods approved by famous search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Using different SEO types techniques such as keyword ranking, on page SEO and off page SEO our experts provide desired results to our clients within limited time.

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SEO Experts of AY Webtech

SEO Experts of AY Webtech
Our team of experts develops different SEO type strategies according to nature of your website and niche market. With help of effective SEO methodologies our experts enhance profits of your business through increased traffic on your website acquired through search engines eventually generating more sales. Our SEO experts offer:

Our professional SEO experts can handle marketing of all type of organizations irrespective of size and shape.
Our specialists design SEO campaign for your website considering all requirements defined by clients and evaluating needs and nature of business.
Our far-reaching experience in SEO has enabled us to predict future trends and adaptive aptitude due to which our methodologies are flexible and meet all SEO standards successfully.
We ensure that our SEO methods comply with present day standards of Google avoiding any penalty from Penguin and Panda of Google.

Techniques used by AY Webtech

Techniques used by AY Webtech SEO Experts
Our SEO team uses diverse SEO type techniques such as off page optimization and On Page optimization to acquire better page rankings and enhance visibility of your website in the world of internet. However, we maintain quality parameters and for this purpose we have devised world class standards and procedures. Along with these procedures we also provide associated SEO activities such as:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Link building
  • Search engine tracking
  • Land page optimization

These entire methods enable our professionals to achieve their target comprehensively in light of latest algorithms deploy by search engines like Google.
On page SEO

On page SEO is imperative part of search engine optimization services as search engine evaluate your website on basis of this technique initially. The most important thing for on page SEO is content used in the website. Content is key to success in the world of SEO. The first impression of your website is perceived by visitor through content of your website. Therefore, one cannot deny the significance of web content. High quality web content is the basic need of your website and our team of experts acknowledges its magnitude. Thus, with detail business knowledge and command on writing our professional generate best quality content for your website that increase in demand and can be linked conveniently. For on page SEO our professionals focus on following areas:

  • Keyword mapping
  • Competitor research along with keyword analysis
  • Targeting long tail keyword
  • Optimization of content with headers, Meta description, title and content of body.
  • On page link optimization
  • Blogging

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO
Off page SEO is equally important as on page SEO. All resources we use for SEO purpose off the website is included in off page SEO. For this purpose our experts use methods like link building, campaigns through social media. With help of all these processes we generate as many links as possible that also enhance authority of website and enhance ranking in different search engines. Off page SEO methods followed by our experienced professionals are as follow:

Market analysis and prevailing competition
Analysis of present links along with your contestants
Link building
Brainstorming and Creativity
Off page content writing
Marketing through social media

We believe in quality work and for this purpose we ensure that all links are generated through reliable and quality resources. We work to build powerful back links so that your website can enjoy better position on search engines. Along with this we also believe in power of social media and formulate effective techniques to exploit this resource at its best. Through social media and other available resources we make sure that you can enjoy maximum returns on your investment. We believe in quality and deliver what we promise for.

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