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Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development
AY Webtech is an eminent name in the world of mobile apps development company. Whether you need application development for personal use or business need, our accomplished and highly qualified developers are there to cater your need with most current resources available at our expense. No matter what platform you prefer and what is objective of your desired application; we provide services for different app development types from planning, designing, development, testing to successful deployment of your application.

Along with development services we also offer consultation services for our esteemed clients so that our clients can convey their ideas to our professionals without any hesitation. You can discuss your ideas to our consultants and can acquire most suitable advice regarding your business needs.

Our customized applications are developed and tested to meet high quality standards. The aim of our world class business applications is to fulfill our client business needs in such a way that these applications give you advantages over your competitors with more exposure, enhance functionalities and increased efficiency.

Our application development process follows modern Software development life cycle standards along with effective project management practices. The whole process is conducted under the processes of requirement management, risk management, build and release management along with quality and configuration management processes. Combination of modern development tools and technologies along with skills and expertise of our developers allow us to design, develop, test and release applications with excellence meeting high standards of merit.

Our services offer

Our services offer
We offer app development with most suitable development practices and appropriate application architecture
We offer services integrated with processes of quality management.
We deploy suitable business knowledge and right skills according to need and requirements of customers.
Our services offer enhanced end user experience with help of rich and useful internet application for multiple platforms
Customer loyalty and business efficiency is result of our app development services.

Whatever app development types services you require, our professionals can develop applications for android platform, iPhone platform and even for platform of blackberry.

iPhone apps

iPhone apps
Usage of smartphone has increased all over the world especially in last five years. However, the most popular and widely used smartphone is obviously Apple iPhone. The iOS operating system of Apple products is considered as one of most secure and stable operating system worldwide. Our customized iPhone applications developed by team of skilled professionals speak for excellence in field of application development.

We offer services for bespoke iPhone application development depicting vision of your business within available budget and defined timeline. Our expertise integrated with your vision will enable you to project your brand in world of App store for global users in sophisticated yet practical way.

We offer development services for latest iOS 7 that offers various interesting and innovative features for users and have become highlight of present time. Our iPhone application well compatible with latest iOS features such as Siri will enable you to mark your presence in world of App store.

Our professional developers give life to your required apps through iPhone SDK that allow us to use creative apps with more than 1500 API’s integrated with other development tools. Thus, our professionals using these APIs exploit latest features of iOS7 and create wonders for your business within no time.

With our iPhone app development services you can enjoy:
Customize application development according to your business needs
Consultation for app development
Integration with devices of third party
Quality assurance along with application testing
iOS based applications compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices

Android Apps

Android Apps
Android platform has revolutionized the world of smartphones leading by smartphones introduced by Samsung. The innovative, user friendly and cost effective smartphones by Samsung, Google, HTC and many other has prove to be equal competitors of Apple and its products. Although Android applications are cheaper in cost but they are not at all inferior to iOS applications in any way. With release of Jellybean 4.2, smartphones are enjoying more spotlight with enhanced features and more functionalities.

To develop perfect Android application exploiting all innovative functionalities offered by this platform is challenging task. At AY Webtech our team of connoisseur developers, develop ground breaking Android apps with more control over resources offered by system and enhanced flexibility.

With our Android app development services you can acquire:

Customize android apps develop according to your business needs.
Scalable application development
World class applications at competitive prices
All applications developed through suitable SDLC meeting standards of project management along with complete documentation

Blackberry apps

Blackberry apps
It has been recorded that revenue generated per blackberry app is more than android app market and App store market for Apple apps. It is due to the fact that blackberry is extensively used for business operations and for other professionals use worldwide. Along with this Blackberry platform support various frameworks such as jQuery, PhoneGap and Dojo. Therefore, application development for Blackberry is not only convenient but also offers various advantages to clients. With our exceptional Blackberry apps you can reach out to more than 75 million subscribers worldwide.

The new Blackberry OS is highly flexible and with latest java engine and supports HTMLS, Flash and improved gesture support. With apps by AY Webtech professionals you can enjoy latest features offered by up to date OS blackberry and can reach huge market of potential customers around the globe.
Our Blackberry apps include:

Marketing applications
Client-Server applications
Business applications
Entertainment applications
Wireless solution

Our professionals offer:

Our professionals offer:
J2ME applications compatible with all models of Blackberry.
Blackberry application based on LBS that is Location Based Service of the device
Innovative and customized solution for Blackberry apps to meet your business needs.

With all these app development types, developed by team of highly experienced professionals we promise you new horizons for your business with enhanced profits and outstanding reputation in online world.